Why choose Beaver Station?

It is not your typical facility and it is sure to impress your guests. Located in the quaint town of Beaver and a short drive from Pittsburgh, Beaver Station offers an unforgettable event venue with gorgeous architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds.

Most original details from 1897 are still intact, while modern amenities like air conditioning and a catering kitchen were tastefully added. The vintage design can be elegant or casual, suiting any type of event. Beaver is a “dry” town, allowing hosts to purchase and stock any alcohol they wish to serve. This option may offer cost savings over traditional venues. Indoor tables and chairs are included in the rental fee.

Your rental fee does not profit a corporate chain. All fees collected by the Beaver Area Heritage Foundation are used for the maintenance and preservation of Beaver Station and the entire foundation campus. The Foundation funds many local parades, educational events and historical sites and monuments. With two outdoor sites, an award winning museum, lush gardens and a historical building for receptions, The Beaver Area Heritage Foundation has something authentic and very special to offer.